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Filmmaking 101 – Becoming an Incredible Film Creator

Filmmaking 101 Online Course has a video presentation concept on how to make and publish a short film from the Pre Production, Production and ‘Post Production’ phases.

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Film Making 101 – Live Webinar

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MTAS : Knowledge Sharing

Hye guys! Kitorang akan share dengan korang pelbagai skil and tips dlm video produksi. Korang pernah tak terfikir nak buat skrip video ni macam mana? Korang pernah tak mengalami kesulitan semasa melukis objek 3D? Korang rasa buat skrip ni senang ke susah eh ? Macam susah jee. Mana nak dapat idea nak tulis script ? Haa jom sign up!

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SEED4FUTURE : Be The Next King Of Social Media

Author: muhd.isyraq@gmail.com
Rating:   (8.92/10) - 96x rated

Category: Student ( University)
Views: 375
Description: A story about a man who feels his life is empty and without direction. His mind became tangled and his soul restless. He had recurring dreams about a woman who wanted to bring him something and summon him home. He returned to his village to find the answer and find himself.